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Start getting out of bed in the morning to sleep again at night, a lot of things that we should be grateful. If we open our eyes and hearts, probably would not be able to count the gifts that God has given to us today. But the gift is so abundant often enclosed by negative prejudices and negative feelings that suddenly granted. Just look at the start of open eyes in the morning much to be grateful “thank you my eyes could still see perfectly, thank you my heart still beats, thanks my hair was so beautiful pat on the head and many more things. Then when he was in the bathroom “thank you water so fresh, thanks toothpaste was created, thanks of sweet soap and much more”.
All the things that we take for granted every day should be grateful. Nowadays a lot of news about various unforeseen events such as at the Jakarta street , at the morning peoples walks with friends and family suddenly a car that lose control hit them. There are more that just happened in Medan at the kindergarten ,the students in happy sport suddenly a teacher hit them by a car. Of course, this is accident.
These events can not be predicted. But it would be happy if every second of our life is full of happiness and through gratitude. If like this life is so roomy.
For many ordinary people have big emotions that provoke either the anger or sadness. But all that happens naturally as long as we are able to arrange it. Every event that could provoke emotions should we turned it over so that we can find the positive side. Take heart, mind and body together to smile for a few seconds so that the peace and beauty will appear at the same time with the event. Life is to be enjoyed with happiness.

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